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Holistic understanding of the world

The cuna Project is based on a holistic understanding of the world: It represents a synthesis of ancient wisdom teachings from various indigenous and mystical traditions and the findings of interdisciplinary science from systems research, quantum physics and theories of evolution. The simple and fundamental insight is:
Everything is connected to everything.

This understanding of the world thus brings together the deep interrelationships of creation with the latest research results in a powerful convergence and thus forms the foundation for a fundamental change of perspective and attitude - both for the individual and the collective of humanity.

If this new point of view is really understood, if the knowledge gained finds its way into the thoughts, feelings and actions of each individual in a consistent and coherent way, and strong circles, projects and initiatives of like-minded people are formed from it, then the basis for a new age is created of peace.

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I am – we are – life is ...

... embodiment of the ONE, ALL inherent Original Consciousness

... origin, creative power and creature in ONE and in constant change

... basis for diverse diversification into the innumerable paths of self-experience of the ONE consciousness of origin


... Manifestation of the infinite variety of "ALL THAT IS" and at the same time eternal mystery beyond any perspective


... inseparable, constantly interacting in a living process of creation, experience and integration


... quiet and calm beyond space and time and at the same time in a cyclical process of expression, experience, integration and transcendence



... unconditionally, embodying oneself through the principles of creation and integrating everything into the original unity

The ethos of peace is derived from these creation principles.

Further videos ...

Here you will find a compilation of important works to delve deeper into this holistic understanding of the world.

"Unified Field Theory" according to Nassim Harramein

Trailer for the film "The connected universe" in which N. Harramein presents the Unified Field Theory.

His website:

"Cosmology of the Inkas" handed down by Naupany Puma

Documentary about the earthly worldview of the Inca culture


"Tao te king" book of meaning & living according to lao tzu

Audio book on the wisdom teachings of the Chinese mystic Lao Tze, who is considered the founder of the Chinese philosophy of Taoism.


"The Kybalion" - The 7 Hermetic Laws

Narrated by William Walker Atkinson

Video with a summary of the Kybalion with explanations of the 7 Hermetic Laws - the ancient wisdom teachings of Hermes Trismegistus.


Link to the audio book of the complete Kybalion

The 7 Hermetic Laws are explained by Fabian Wollschläger

Video with a summary and
a contemporary interpretation of the 7 Hermetic Laws

"a new earth" from EckHart Tolle

Complete audio book


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