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>> Peace ... a state of primal equilibrium which is realized through attitudes that are in harmony with the universal creation principles of oneness.<<

Meditation in Natur

Why holistic peace work?

The end of an old paradigm

We live in a time of immense change. The entire planet and we as humanity are currently in a highly precarious state of ecological, social and economic destabilization.

We are witnesses to an ecological, humanitarian and economic catastrophe of historical proportions, which has its origin in an attitude of consciousness and an experience of separation.

The modern man of economic growth and technological progress sees himself as the crown of creation and as ruler over all life and feels the thoughtless exploitation and destruction of the planet and its creatures as well as war against all dissenters as his right and as an expression of progressive action.

It is precisely through this point of view and the associated, irresponsible action that humans cause immense destruction and unspeakable suffering for themselves and all of their fellow creatures - and ultimately steer towards their own downfall.

The decision

The planetary ecological crisis and the extensive global destabilization has now reached an extent that immediately puts us before a decision:


Reconsideration of the individual and human societies in the direction of ecology, social integration and sustainability,
with fundamental restructuring of the way of life.

Either a continuation of man's self-alienation from his own being and the global destruction of the environment with the result of the extinction of human life on this planet as we know it.

The change

For some time now, more and more people have been realizing this deeply destructive development and are reflecting on ecological and sustainable models of life, which are geared towards self-sufficiency, self-determination and a respectful and mindful treatment of themselves, with one another and with the ecosystems of our planet.


Therefore, the current situation represents an immense challenge - but also a huge opportunity for positive change. Decades ago, pioneers in sustainability work began researching peaceful models of life. In the meantime this movement has grown and matured a lot. Many people respond to the call and join forces in projects - some of them are presented, for example, in the film "Communities of hope".

"Communities of Hope"

A film that invites you to discover ecovillages in Europe, to get to know the diverse sustainability and community projects - and with it the vision for a new way of living together.

The cuna Project joins the movement of global sustainability initiatives. The project is an expression of the decision to live and act, which is committed to life-affirming change for a healthy future on our planet with full determination.

holistic peace work in the Cuna Project

The heart of the cuna Project is holistic peace work, which is based on a deep ecological and holistic understanding of the world. From many years of research and search for the fundamental attitudes that create, maintain and guard peace, the "ethos of peace" has emerged - a central core value, which for us represents the basis for a coherent inner orientation towards holistic peace.

The ethos of peace also gives rise to the principles of sustainability as guidelines for all actions and structures of the project and its collaborations.


>> Peace in the world springs from the hearts
of people who are at peace with themselves,
their fellow creatures and life itself. <<

The way of the flower

Peace work based on the sacred geometry of the flower of life

The ethos of peace and the principles of sustainability represent both a universal leitmotif of peacemaking humanity and guidelines for creating corresponding structures for profound change.

But these alone would become static if we did not fill them with life through a sincere striving for inner awareness and healing of ourselves and all of our relationships.

With the "Path of the Flower" an authentic, lively and effective path is to be conveyed and explored together so that we as individuals and groups develop the understanding and ability to lead a life in peace and thus to realize harmonious and resilient communities .

Freunde in der Natur

The individual steps on the way of the flower are

  • Development of a holistic understanding of the world (the seeds).

  • Individual level: Deep examination of the ethos of peace AND sincere decision to realize attitudes in everyday dealings with oneself and one's own life (the germination).

  • Relationship and community level: Joint exploration, mutual support and application of holistic communication and process methods to enable an authentic and heart-based togetherness that promotes healing, inner growth and peace with fellow human beings and with all aspects of creation (flourishing).

  • Creation of places and networks, which are ecologically, socially and economically sustainable working and living areas in harmony with the principles of creation and the true essence of human beings (the fruit).

Seed of lif plate rotate.jpg
seed of life Metatron.jpg

the way of the flower

This project is an expression of the deep trust that we humans are able to realize a way of life that honors and protects life and serves the highest good of all beings.

The cuna Project provides all interested sustaining members in the login area of the association with a comprehensive offer on the path of the flower, which is intended to provide comprehensive support in realizing inner and outer peace: information, inspirations, affirmations, videos and specific suggestions for rituals and inner processes .


We cordially invite you to delve deeper into the area of holistic peace work in the cuna Project using the links below.



In the face of the great transition into a new time

let's get back together

Souls from all directions

to be like ONE again

in the eternal sacred space of the medicine wheel



Under the tree of life

  we remember our ancestral roots

and the big family of life

on earth as well as in the cosmos


We connect in a prayer of love

and in the spirit of the great community of life

about the beauty of nature

and celebrate the gift of our existence


Together with the four elements

let us hold the space for the sacred fire of transformation


In gratitude we leave the past behind

and everything that holds us back going


We receive with deep trust

the light of healing and ascension


In love and joy we awaken the rainbow serpent

and rise into the timeless dream

of peace and UNITY

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