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Ethos of peace

Core values for peaceful and sustainable coexistence

The ethos of peace describes the spiritual values, which are seen in their entirety as the basis, necessity and path of development - for a peaceful and sustainable coexistence of man with himself and all other beings of creation.


These values are also understood as universal form-forming attitudes, which are fundamentally necessary for the creation of a peaceful coexistence, beyond belief, culture or species.

The cuna Project carries and preserves this ethos of peace as a fundamental core value

or compilation of coherent attitudes in its center.

Ethos of peace




Three leafs light blue
Three leafs light blue

Creation principles

Legend of the ethos of peace of the cuna Project

This core value serves the ongoing orientation and alignment of all people involved, as well as the structures and organizational forms within the cuna project.


It is not a question of installing a dogmatic moral system, but of aligning the individual and community development process of the project with these coherent attitudes.

Because in the cuna Project, living and working together is understood as a continuous development and learning process within a dual reality, in which we constantly have to decide what motives and how we act. The ethos of peace serves as a guiding principle that transcends cultures and beliefs in order to support individual and community growth towards ever greater integrity in human activity.


The ethos of peace as a feedback check

In addition, the ethos of peace also places the values described in it clearly recognizable in the room, so that each and every individual can fathom for himself whether he or she resonates with these values within and whether the call and the inner willingness to stand up to let in the deep process, to make new decisions every moment, to realize these values in word and deed.


Because the honest striving and the continuous orientation of the individual towards an embodiment and realization of these attitudes in their own being, in all relationships and all actions, is the real task and work of all those who want to help realize this project - and is a prerequisite for it, effective -Become a member of the cuna Project.

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