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Cuna project




Nice that you're here. We wholeheartedly invite you to get to know the cuna Project on these pages.

The word cuna means "cradle" in Spanish. Through its work, the cuna Project would like to help to create "cradles of life", which are filled with holistic consciousness (conciencia), true community spirit (union), closeness to nature (naturaleza) and love (amor) for all living things .


The cuna Project is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the development and promotion of ecologically, socially and economically sustainable living and working communities and networking like-minded people, projects and initiatives regionally and worldwide.

This will create places (CUNAs) as well as solidarity and self-sufficiency networks (SANs) that make it possible to bundle the potentials and needs of all nature-loving and sustainable people and organizations in self-determined communities and regional networks.

The basic orientations of all initiatives of the cuna Project are:

  • Earth guardianship: regeneration and health maintenance of the biosphere

  • Self-sufficiency through local self-sufficiency in all areas of life

  • Free expression in art, culture and entrepreneurship in responsible production and creative cycles

  • Networking and cooperation for a harmonious symbiosis of people and nature

  • Holistic peace work

This creates spaces and networks for a new and at the same time very original human existence in the appreciation of all beings and responsible freedom. In this way, the cuna Project supports the global turnaround towards sustainable, nature-loving and peaceful ways of life.

>> Peace is a state of primal equilibrium which is realized through attitudes, which are in harmony with the universal creation principles of oneness <<

(Carlos F. Miranda)

Holistic peace work

The heart of the Cuna is holistic peace work, which is based on a deep ecological and holistic understanding of the world. The central core value, namely the ethos of peace, is derived from this.

For us, the ethos of peace represents the basis for a coherent inner orientation towards holistic peace. This includes inner peace, peace in the coexistence of people and peaceful coexistence with all beings of nature.


The cuna Project

After many years of visioning and preparation, the cuna Project was transformed into an internationally active corporation in 2020 by registering as a non-profit association based in Austria. The association is also the sponsor for the first realization project, the Cuna in San Mateo Rio Hondo, Mexico.

The cuna Project sends a call out into the world to network with like-minded people and projects and to unite a strong and large circle of supporters, members and co-creators. Together we can realize the vision of positive change on our beautiful home planet.

Find out more about the association here - and about the opportunities to participate .

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current initiatives of the cuna project 

1. the pilot project: the cuna in San Mateo, Mexico

The first concrete implementation location for the creation of such a "cradle of life", which will also be a holistic impulse center for sustainability development, was found more than 15 years ago in the mountains of the highlands in southern Mexico.

A plot of approx. 5 hectares in size, which is embedded in a breathtakingly beautiful mountain landscape, has been a source of inspiration and space for the implementation of the local, regional and global vision of the first cuna project since 2004.


2. "Inn Hügelland" solidarity and self-sufficiency network

With the initiative "Solidarity and Autarky Network Inn-Hügelland", a decentralized self-sufficiency network is to be developed in this region (upper bavaria), which then also serves as a holistic model for other regions.


Through a comprehensive and effective recording and bundling of the existing potentials (resources and skills) of the people in a region, and an effective networking of them, a self-sufficient safeguarding of the basic needs in all areas of human life (food, energy, health, education, care, Culture) are made possible from within the network.


To this end, both a corresponding digital network platform and a wide range of direct cooperation options are to be created. This initiative is in the planning phase - more information will be available soon. But we are already looking forward to co-creators and supporters.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

3. Connecting worlds "Weltenbrücke" initiative

Through the Weltenbrücke initiative, the cuna Project would like to provide comprehensive information and assistance for people, families and communities who are striving for a new perspective for a self-determined and self-sufficient life in Mexico:

  • general advice on entry, residence regulations and the location and cost of living on site,

  • Brokerage of land / houses etc. as a holiday home, second home or for a complete new start,

  • Establishing contact with craftsmen and suppliers from our local network.


We make this information and, if required, individual advice available in the login area for all our sponsoring members.


It is time to create the basis for a healthy, free and livable future on our wonderful planet through conscious being, connection and love for all creatures of nature - for all of us and for the following generations.


You are wholeheartedly invited to get to know this project and its diverse aspects and to participate.


In love and solidarity

Carlos F. Miranda

and the Cuna team


"Life is sacred, precious and fragile, just like man and all beings on earth.

  May many places and communities arise in which man, conscious of the unity of all living,
recognizes the holy in humility,
Appreciates the precious in gratitude and protects the fragile with devotion.

May cradles of life arise all over this earth, in which the seeds of life can flourish to allow a new age of connectedness to blossom"

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